Twat Records was founded in early 2017 in the Empire of Spicy-Memia as the nation's one and only record label for local artists to record Long Plays and Extended Plays onto Vinyl, Tape and Mini-Disk. The company has been renowned for various albums such as Adam Aubrey's School of Cock and School of Cock II as well as Michael Fapson's Inspector Faggot.

Record Releases Edit

ID Artist Name Type Release Genre Cover Sleeve
NC-1778 Adam Aubrey School of Cock LP 1 March 2017 Psychedelic Rock
Adam Aubrey - School of Cock
FUK-2121 Bismarck In Chains Capitalism LP 12 March 2017 Grind Core
Bismark In Chains - Capitalism
NC-1066 Adam Aubrey School of Cock II LP 2 April 2017 Psychedelic Rock
Adam Aubrey - School of Cock II
GO-GO-0 Michael Fapson Inspector Faggot LP 19 April 2017 Degenerate Pop
Michael Fapson - Inspector-0
FUK-666 Bismark In Chains DeUnification Double LP 27 April 2017 Grind Core
Bismark In Chains - Deunification
GO-GO-12 Michael Fapson Billie Meme


Pink Manther

EP 28 April 2017 Degenerate Pop N/A
NUT-4534 Neil Civierega Mouth Moods LP 23 January 2017 Psychedelic Synth Remix
Neil Cicierega - Mouth Moods Alternate
Neil Cicierega - Mouth Moods
NUT-7378 Neil Civierega Bustin



EP 30 January 2017 Psychedelic Synth Remix N/A
THOT-2333 Pink Guy Pink Season LP 4 January 2017 Psychedelic Synth Remix
Pink Guy - Pink Season
DIK-7876 Mathew Robinson N O I D E D LP 1 May 2017 Acoustic Suicide Grunge
Mathew Robinson - N O I D E D
GA-Y-12B Salty Nut Sageing in the Name of LP 12 May 2017 Thot Rap
Salty Nut - Sageing in the name of
NC-1217 Adam & the Aubreys School(in) Days LP 8 May 2017 Porn Groove
Adam & the Aubrey's - School Days
1st WD-4515

2nd WD-1778

3rd WD-1923



Seven Dwarfs Dwarf Days LP 2 May 2017 Psychedelic Punk Rock
Seven Dwarfs - Dwarf Days
NC-3321 Adam & The Aubreys All Psych EP 4 May 2017 Porn Groove
Adam Aubrey - All Psych EP

Twat Records Scandal Edit

Stock Listing Edit

On 10 May 2017 then CEO William Martin after meeting with executives listed the company on the Paul Street Stock Market as a money making scheme for Twat Records and most notably himself. Martin initially gave himself 200 hundred shares, later giving 20 to executive Ethan Davis.

Martin sold off around 109 shares (54%) of the company to various investors at different stock prices equating roughly ₱2.00 (£0.20) to ₱0.50 (£0.05) each.


Final sales charts of Twat Records on the stock market

Stock Crash of 12 May 2017 Edit

After a few days it was apparent that Martin's money making scheme was not working as expected and thus he told few close friends that he would be selling the company on Friday 12 May 2017.

Eventually as news broke of Twat Records being largely sold, by it's only music producer. Martin then saw the plummeting cost of shares and began to become desperate, attempting to sell the company to a notable Paul Street Stock Broker - Carter Glover for ₱200.00 (£20.00) later down to ₱40.00 (£4.00).

Final Sales and Purchase of Twat Records Edit

At around 12:55 on 12 May 2017 Twat Records sold the last copy of their hit record - School Days to Emma Cannon. Subsequently stocks fell to ₱0.01 (£0.001) and Martin decided to sell the entire company, partially illegally, to Rohan Archer for ₱0.20 (£0.02).

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