Spicy Television Division is the primary television broadcasting company within the nation of Spicy-Memia. It was founded on the 8th of November 2017 by Harold Sanchez as part of the growing Sanchez Enterprises company. The company's most notable work, STD News, is presented by Jason Lee at the slotted Breakfast, 12pm, 6pm and 10pm times, and Philip Arkinstall also presents the weather forecast.

History Edit

Following the closure of Hardenhuish State News, Harold Sanchez decided to open Spicy Television Division, a company dedicated to television and news broadcasting in Memia. Within the first few weeks of it's existence, STD launched a series of successful programmes on STD One, including Agent Orange and Thot Patrol. These new programmes coincided with new episodes of Theroux: Inside Memia, Mr. Craig's Time Trials and Platt's Fishing, all of which were HSN programmes before the company closed. William Martin praised the company, and said that it was 'wonderful to see STD picking up where HSN left off'.

STD News has also held extensive coverage of multiple events in Memian history, including William Martin's abdication, The Second Memian Civil War, Stuart Pomeroy's abdication and Emperor Jenkins' rise to power. The company also created an online News Feed available to the public, and has a YouTube channel, in which past broadcasts are available for free viewing. During a recent conference, it was announced that on April 20th 2018, the company would be launching STD Three, STD Sports and STD Radio.