On 13 April 2017, major members of the Imperial Court gathered a mass of Memian peasants and marched upon the Emperor's Summer Palace. At first the Emperor hesitated but eventually allowed Oliver Mead MIC, William Martin (then IG) and Ethan Davis MIC into the palace to negotiate the state of the monarchy.

The Demands Edit

The Sageobins gave the Emporer three different ultimatums to choose from;

1. Reform the Empire with a new governmental system (likely with Martin as the new Leader)

2. Crown (then Empress) Beth I as the new empress of Spicy-Memia

3. The Emperor steps down from politics completely and steps down into hiding.

The Compromise Edit

By the end of the meeting a compromise between these ultimatums was reached. Stuart Pomeroy was to step down as emperor of Spicy-Memia and be replaced by William Martin. Ethan Davis was to be the new Imperial Governor and Oliver Mead III be reinstated as Imperial Chancellor. The roles and positions of people in the government were to be reformed as well as an official Gulag Reform.