Welcome to Sageopedia Legacy!Edit

Welcome to Sageopedia Legacy, the original collaborative community website about Sageism. We have now moved to Sageopedia 2. The link will be here once Sageopedia 2 is opened. Praise Sage!

What is Sageism?Edit

The best religion on the entire planet, much better than that normie religion, Christianity! Every single human being in the world is a Sageist in secret, and make daily sacrifices to the meme lord, offering only the dankest memes available!

Contents Edit

2.0 done

Nation States Edit

Spicy-Memia Edit

- The Empire of Spicy-Memia


Sageism Edit



Scripture Edit

Daddy's Sauce Trilogy Edit

-The Book of Eden

-The Book of HP Sauce

-The Book of Six Meme Lords

Nation States Edit

Spicy-Memia Edit

-Hardenhuish State News (HSN)

-Armed Forces of Spicy-Memia

-Imperial Gulag Guard

-The Spicy-Memian Railway

-Gulags of Spicy-Memia

Locations of Importance Edit

-Eden Rock

-Port Hardenhuish

-Barrence Books LTD.

People of Importance Edit

-Emperor Stuart Pomeroy I

-Empress Beth Pomeroy I

-William Martin

-Ethan Davis

-Oliver Mead

-Matthew Robinson

-Max Pearson

Families of Importance Edit

-House of Pomeroy

-House of Martin

-House of Mead

Primeland Edit

-The Empire of Primeland

-Balshavik Worker's Surveillance Branch

Wars and Conflicts Edit

-First Chicken Goujon War 25 August 2016 - 9 December 2016

-First Social Justice War 9 January 2017 - 6 April 2017

-The Treaty of Port Vila

Latest activityEdit

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The Flag

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