Sageism is the state religion of Spicy-Memia and Primeland. It's followers believe in the teachings and wisdom of Sage, a Meme Lord who has travelled the world and is deemed a demi-god.

History Edit

On September 29th 2015, Sage started a YouTube channel as a distraction for when he wasn't protecting the internet's dankest memes. As a result of this, he formed a fan-club for his channel at his local church on October 4th 2015, which later spiralled out of control and became a separate religion from Christianity, which was entirely devoted to Sage and his words and wisdom, as well as the fact he was a Meme Lord. The religion spread far and wide, and many people converted to the religion. Sage now had hundreds of people worshipping him and sacrificing every day.

On September 1st 2016, the majority faith within the island nation of Spicy-Memia was announced as Sageism, which was soon adopted by the state as the state religion. Many festivals such as the 'Pro-LGBT-But-Anti-Q Festival' were held in the honour of the primary figurehead of the religion, and many people of Spicy-Memia adopted the religion as their faith, with Sage being declared an honorary member of society.

On December 10th 2016, Primeland was the second country to adopt Sageism as it's state religion after losing The First Chicken Goujon War to Spicy-Memia. Sage and his disciples set up numerous shrines and temples across The Primeland Empire, and the country is now regarded as a central hub for Sageists worldwide, with hundreds of followers coming to different parts of the nation every day just to praise Sage.