Oliver Mead (also known as Oliviath III) was among the first settlers to Spicey-Memia. He has always held a fairly large hand in the politics of Spicey-Memia and served as Chancellor for over half a year. He is regarded as the Father of Memian Fascism and has earned battle honors in The First Chicken Goujon War for Suppression of Guerilla groups in Primeland occupied territory.

Political Career Edit

Me again

Mead seen during his time as chancellor of the exchequer

When the First Democratic Elections of Spicy-Memia was announced Oliver immediately started to create his new political party. Oliver founded the 'Discord Union of Fascists' on 25 June 2016. His opposition consisted of William Martin's 'Discord Liberation Movement' which was a very libertarian party encompassing very Capitalistic views and Ethan Davis' 'Memes For The Masses Party' which Oliver described as "Borderline Communist" and slandered Ethan Davis many times. On the afternoon of election day, Oliver and William decided that it would be in their best interests to unite their parties to defeat the more popular 'Memes For The Masses' party. This new movement was named 'The Working Memer's Coalition' and won the election in a landslide victory with the emperor himself's support. Throughout their careers, Oliver and William developed very Reactionary and Monarchist views which became one of the main factors for the January Revolution

Accusations of Degeneracy and Resignation Edit

On the 9 March 2017, a video emerged of an enthusiastic Jamaican man openly slandering Oliver by accusing him of being a degenerate. Oliver did not take lightly to this news and handed his resignation to Governer William the same day. Oliver now resides in Port Hardenhuish as a member of The Imperial Court. He may now be found there in Central Hardenhuish living out his days and serving his duties respectably in The Imperial Court.