Theroux formally known as the Nation State of Theroux is a nation situated along the westcoast of South America bordering Chile, Peru and Bolivia. The nation is a prtoectorate of the Empire of Spicy-Memia and has had various border wars between both Peru and Chile's armed forces in the past.

The nation is famous for having the BBC documentary maker - Louis Theroux as it's head of state and is believed to function as a populist-dictatorship.

History and Foundation Edit

The Nation State of Theroux was founded in late 2016 and laid claim to vast portions of territory belonging to various South American nations such as Chile and Peru. During it's first month many members of South American governments didn't officially recognise the territorial claims but later began military exercises in the area to dispel any rebels loyal to Louis Theroux and his cause.

The Korton Province Crisis Edit

Following it's foundation on 11 December, Chilean armed forces entered Korton province (a region of southern Theroux) and drove an armoured convoy through the streets of the city of Westboro and occupied the surrounding towns and hamlets.

The armored convoy saw no resistance for four days until the Therouxvian armed forces besieged the town and captured the members of the armoured convoy before holding the Chilean soldiers ransom on live television.

The next day on 16 December the Chilean soldiers were returned to the border with Chile with the exchange of the Chilean armoured convoy remaining in Therouxvian hands and an official declaration of ownership of Korton province signed by Chile.