Morgan Fawcitt was born 18 July 2001 in Bristol, England. During June 2017, he became more present in Spicy Memia . He was present for the Abdication Crisis of 2017.

Early LifeEdit

Morgan is secretive about his early life up until he turned 4 years old and went to Primary School (he will not name this school due to the pure embarassment of being there). He met Matthew Robinson at a young age and became good friends with him. They share common hobbie like politics, and a love forSpicy Memia. They both went to Hardenhuish Academy together and had many classes with William MartinEthan DavisOliver Mead etc. He would later join Spicy Memia.

Political CareerEdit

Though he has a love for politics, Morgan has not joined a political party fully, nor has he ever been the leader of one. He has stated many times before that he does not agree with the fundimentals of democracy as he believes "it diverts the nation away from unity". This is the reason why he stood closely to Oliver Mead when there were elections in Spicy Memia , though that day has passed as now only an Emperor will rule.

Spicy Memia PatriotEdit

Morgan considers himself a true patriot of Spicy Memia and this is true consideing that he has never been in the gulag. He has adopted the name "FOR THE EMPEROR" on Discord to show a sign of respect towards Spicy Memia

Heir To The ThroneEdit

Morgan is currently the heir to the throne in Spicy Memia as appointed by Emperor Harry Jenkins. It is unknown if, or when, Harry Jenkins will abdicate. If this were to happen, it would be Morgan's first time being The Emperor and it is expected that there would be a shift in the political and social status in Spicy Memia.