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On 18 January 2017 Robinson was sentenced to death by hanging following a brief military tribunal that lasted around nine minutes in total. Robinson was not allowed to be heard during the tribunal and was shouted over by the opposition. This was common court law structure following the new Martin regime (see Empire of Spicy Memia).

Robinson was hanged at dawn on 19 January 2017 due to communist sympathies and so called 'unlawful political thought'.

Robinson's hanging was seen as a warning to all bolsheviks in Memia that Martin's new regime would not stand communist uprisings or rumors of such a thing.

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On the eve of 2nd February 2017, a Sagetanic mass was held at the shallow grave of Matt. The Sagetanists dug up Matt's grave and gathered around his coffin. They opened his coffin to see Matt's decomposing corpse. They were ready to try one of the most crazy ideas from deep within the Sagetanic spell books, it had never been done before. Everybody simultaneously opened up their backpacks and each of their backpacks contained many big red dodgeballs. One of the Sagetanic elders initiated the spell by shouting "Everybody go for Matt!". Suddenly, hundreds of dodgeballs were being thrown from every direction. The Sagetanic spell books specified that the dodgeballs must make contact with the resurrectee's crotch/groin area many times for this to work, and that's what they were doing.

Then, there was only silence. They waited a good ten seconds, and there was movement! Under a pile of red dodgeballs a young man crawled out, with a sudden new realization about life, he didn't want to overthrow the government or perform a communist coup, he had become one with the Memian Government, and he was never going to change.

Cries of joy were coming from the Sagetanists, one of them shouted "No one has ever done that in the history of Sagetanism!". They had just performed one of the most difficult spells in the Sagetanic spell books. In celebration of this moment Matthew Robinson accepted a new alternate name that the Sagetanists gave him, from that point on he was nicknamed 'Professor Nutsworth'.

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