The Imperial Ministry for National Security (IMNS) is the surveillance wing of the Imperial Gulag Guard (IGG) and operate using similar tactics to the gestapo in Nazi Germany. The IMNS are notorious for their capabilities and actions of spying and indicting citizens of Primeland and Spicy-Memia.

History Edit

Arrest and Indictment of General Nutsworth Edit

In May 2017 Mathew Robinson was arrested by the IMNS following acts of cowardliness when asked to arrest Oliver Mead. Robinson - head of the IGG was unsure of whom to arrest when emperor Martin and imperial governor Davis both ordered him to arrest chancellor Mead on grounds of treason and assault.

Robinson was taken away by members of the IMNS and a small firefight ensued on the streets of Port Hardenhuish with members of the IGG firing at operatives from the IMNS. The IMNS took Robinson to a mock trial in the Manhannon Imperial Court of Justice before he was sent on a heavily guarded train to a gulag in an undisclosed location in northern Wiltshire Island.

Robinson was later taken to the Imperial Court of Justice in Port Hardenhuish and judge Martin headed the court. A vote was taken with members of the jury and Robinson was released and returned to his role as head of the IGG by imperial governor Davis.