Hardemon is a video game released by Barrence Games and Spicy Computer Entertainment for the SpiceStation gaming console. It was released on the 7th of April 2017.

Plot Edit

You play as a young child, who is sent by The Order of Memery to catch as many Hardemon teachers as they can in order to battle a highly-skilled Hardemon trainer known as Northeast. Along the way, you combat other trainers such as Oliver Mead, William Martin, Max Pearson, Ethan Davis and Matthew Robinson.

Development Edit

The game began development during the first few months of The First Chicken Goujon War, with Barrence wanting to create an RPG rather than write the third instalment of his Eden Sauce Trilogy of religious scriptures, and delayed it in favour of a game simply entitled Hardemon.

It is believed that most of the teachers in the game were inspired by teachers from the Hardenhuish Academy in England. In the game, if the teachers are levelled up enough, they will transform into strange creatures with unique and odd designs. This was due to the fact that Barrence often annoyed teachers at the Hardenhuish Academy, resulting in them getting mad at him and, in Barrence's eyes, 'transformed into angry creatures'.

After several months of development, the game was shown off at SEX (Spicy Enertainment Expo) where it received positive feedback. After several more months in development, the game was finally released on April 9th in Fiji, Primeland, Spicy-Memia, New Zealand and The Republic of Theroux, where it sold over 69 million copies on it's first day of release.

Reception and Legacy Edit

The game received huge critical acclaim worldwide, due to it's fun gameplay and homages to the RPG genre. IGN gave the game a 10/10 rating, and called it 'a gaming masterpiece...the ultimate RPG experience', whilst GameSpot gave it a 9.5/10 and said it was 'The game of the year, and the game of the decade, perhaps even the game of the century'. SpiceStation Magazine gave it a 100% rating, deeming 'Hardemon has a phenomenal amount of potential as a game franchise, and will definitely be the next big thing in the RPG world'.

At a convention on April 10th, Barrence confirmed that a sequel entitled Hardemon II would be released later in 2017, and that both it and a third game were already on the cards for quite some time. Barrence also confirmed a Hardemon anime series would air on MBC (Memia Broadcasting Company) in the coming weeks.

Hardemon, in a matter of days, became the best-selling game on The SpiceStation, beating out Cuck Hunt by 34 million units. The teaser trailer for the anime series also gained over 1 billion views in less than 1 hour, making it the quickest video to gain 1 billion views. Barrence will be presented with a Guinness World Record for this on April 11th.