Hardenhuish State News (HSN) is the main broadcasting news company within the nation state of Spicy-Memia. The company, founded in late 2016, is reported to be extremely bias towards Imperial Governor William Martin and have been seen to produce propaganda for political support of the state's policies.

Television centre

Television Centre, 3 Fuckboy Avenue, Port Hardenhuish

History Edit

HSN was created in November 2016 by then prime minister William Martin. The company is believed to be so called "in the pockets" of those in government. This has been rumored since the company were restricted on what they could say about the state and have been releasing various justification videos for such wars as The First Chicken Goujon War.


A HSN promotional poster released in late March 2017, the poster depicts a famous HSN documentary maker - Louis Theroux next to the HSN logo.

During the January Revolution (see The Empire of Spicy Memia) the company broadcasted the message of Imperial Governor Martin when he took power. They have been known to also show revealing footage of Martin's political enemies such as a video of then Imperial Chancellor Olliviath Mead III which ultimately resulted in his resignation from Martin's cabinet. HSN then released the announcement of Oliver Mead's resignation a few hours following the event.

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