Eden Rock was the initial point of landing for early settlers in Memia. It is situated on the northeastern most peninsular on Wiltshire island (modern day spicy-memia). The rock is famous as it appears in Sageism scripture and was the founding location the modern state of The Empire of Spicy-Memia.

Eden rock

Eden Rock, northeast Wiltshire Island ~2016

In Scripture Edit

Eden rock appears in 'The Book of Eden' written by one of Paul Sage's disciples - Jose Barrence. In the book of Jose Eden Rock is depicted as a sacred mound of hope and glory to the almighty Sage. The book talks about how the earliest humans found prosperity and love in Sage's embrace at the peak of the rock.

Most infamously Papa Craig was said to have been to Eden Rock and been given HP sauce from a milk bottle. Although this appearance is sometimes mixed with Craig's love affair with 'Daddy's Sauce' which became a very "poignant" belief in Sageism and Sagest culture.

In Popular Culture Edit

Eden Rock has been seen in many popular culture mediums, such as the television show 3rd Rock From The Sun and has also appeared in a line from the

Always sunny

Eden Rock was made as a brief throwaway line in the hit American television show - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

American television show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia