Barrence Books LTD. is a Port Hardenhuish based publication company known for printing controversial texts such as 'The Book of Eden' and 'The Book of HP Sauce'. The company primarily prints religious scripture and novels related to Sageism.

History Edit

Barrence Books LTD. originated from a small company in his father's shed to a relatively famous and profitable business situated in Port Hardenhuish, Spicy-Memia. The fledgling company was established in October of 2015 when Jose Barrence decided to print his own religious text of Sageism known as the now infamous 'The Book of Eden'.

The book and company were almost instantly denounced by the religious community in Memia for misrepresenting Sage and Sageism and it's beliefs and teachings. The company was boycotted by any and all Sageists until the release of Jose's second religious text - 'The Book of HP Sauce' in April of 2016.

Following the critical acclaim of the second religious text to come from Barrence Books LTD. the business rose to fame by releasing various new novels and texts and has become a household name for good and not bad in Spicy-Memia.

Bombing of December Edit

During the final months of the First Chicken Goujon War Jose Barrence denounced Primeland as a nation of terrorists in an interview in November 2016. Barrence told Hardenhuish State News (HSN), when asked what his view of Primeland was, that "Primeland is a homeland and cesspit of Infidels and Heretics".

Barrence book bomsite

Site of Barrence Books LTD. before rescue teams arrive, shortly after the initial bomb blast.

On 1 December 2016 at 9:47 just as printing had started a pressure cooker bomb exploded in the employees lounge of the printing press killing two workers and injuring five other. Emergency services were soon to arrive on seen.

At 11:27 a second bomb was detonated at the scene of the rescure operation killing five rescue workers and injuring far more as well as onlooking civilians and news reporters who were witnessing the rescue operation.

At 12:12 on 2 December a video was sent to HSN which had been made the day of the attack but due to slow upload speeds in Primeland the video was not watchable until the next day. The video appeared to be made by the Primeland funded terrorist warlord Toby Nicholes.

Nipple state

The low resolution video sent to HSN the day after the attack.

Nicholes claimed that his guerrilla warfare Sageist splinter group - 'Nipple State' had carried out the attacks the previous day in response to Barrence's comments on Primeland and the ongoing Chicken Goujon War.

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