The Balshavik Worker's Surveillance Branch (BWSB) is the main surveillance service within The Primeland Empire. The BWSB has been ridiculed in the past by Memian politicians for sounding like a PornHub anagram for a type of sexual intercourse.

History Edit

The BWSB was founded in March of 2017 as a result of the Imperial Gulag Guard's Imperial Ministry for National Security. Which has undergone various surveillance programs and missions in the nation of Primeland. The BWSB is notorious for funding terrorist cells such as Toby Nichols' infamous 'Nipple State'. The Nipple State have carried out multiple attacks on civilians within Memia, for example the bombing of December (see Barrence Books LTD.) where two bombs were detonated within the publishing agency of Barrence Books LTD.

Little is known to the outside world about the BWSB but it is believed that they have in the past broken into the rooms of those visiting the country and have moved objects or spread shampoo around showers to insure that you know they are there. These actions have in the past been seen used by the KGB in the USSR.

However the BWSB have also been known to poke holes in unused condoms while in their packets and have been known to ridicule feminists who visit the country by leaving extra large dildos in the rooms of tourists.


Propaganda for the Balshavik Worker's Surveillance Branch depicting a hacker accessing data from Memian servers